Data Analytics

Making the most of your data

Data can come from many places. You may have data in your company’s sales system. There may be data about your products, services and competitors out there on the internet. People may be talking about you on websites and social media. You may have old primary and secondary research reports. You may buy or rent access to commercially available databases. Wherever data exists, you have an opportunity to build your business and make better decisions.

At Parametric we have invested in tools and techniques for extracting every last drop of insight from the masses of data that is available. Examples of our capabilities include:

  • Data Mining
  • Text Analysis and Mining
  • Pattern recognition and Driver Analysis
  • Data Munging, cleaning and transformation
  • Data visualization and Dashboard development
  • Predictive modeling

We can also integrate this data with findings from primary research, leading to a much richer understanding

Custom software tools

We have the capability to create custom data analysis tools and utilities, which means that we are able to work with a far wider selection of data sources than companies that rely solely on third-party tools.

We recognize that the amount of data available to researchers, companies and policy makers today can be overwhelming. If you would like to have a no-commitment discussion about how you can get started and make the most of all of the data available to you, please contact us.